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Fashion Star Finale:Week10

TV’s Fashion Star season finale was as unpredictable as it was exciting. The week 10 finale was dubbed “The Final Decision,” which saw three finalists competing for the ultimate “Fashion Star” title and $6 million dollar prize. The finalists; Kara, Nzmiro Oputa, and Ronnie Escalante had but only four days to dazzle the judges with nine signature looks. The episode kicked off with Jessica Simpson’s runway debut. The polka-dotted sundress drew mixed responses, however, the blonde bombshell was heralded for her unique and fashionable heart. The buyers were then treated with three-piece capsule collections, which saw Kara showcase a range of compelling designs and styles.

Ronnie created a stunning women’s suit that caught the eyes of all mentors and guests. This was followed up by a stylistic jump suit and a traditional LBD with a captivating silhouette. Nzmiro also chimed in with a suit that was somewhat influenced by Kara’s style. This included a fusion of men’s and women’s wear, which resulted in a pair of slick capris. This was tailored sleeveless button down, and featured a complimentary vest. The mentors then weighed in, which saw more of the flirtation between Nzmiro and Nicole Richie. As the two were getting chummier, Jessica jumped in and complimented Nzmiro’s scarf. The camera then panned over to Kara’s family; watching the spectacle with the studio audience.

Nikki Christie adored Kara’s impressive collections, while Nzmiro was praised for hitting the nail on its head. As for Ronnie, the H&M guru stated his collections lacked colors, however, would still be a hit with customers. Saks Fifth Avenue was up next, and Nzmiro dubs Kara the “Saks Princess.” It looks like their friendship will be

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everlasting, despite the fact that Terren Schaefer has been smitten with Kara since the beginning. Still, Kara’s designs have always sold to Saks, and it appears that she is truly a forerunner in the mentor’s final decision. Ronnie, however, never sold to Saks, and desperately tried to dazzle the buyers with an elegant and sexy white women’s suit. This was coupled with a beautifully flowing evening gown, which sparkled and consisted of precise detail.

Nzmiro also attempted to woo Terren with his rendition of capsule collection titled “Beast to Boardwalk.” The outfits entailed oversized Cardigans, knit vets, and unique button down shirts. To no surprise, John Varvatos loved Kara’s dresses, while Caprice Willard of Macy’s loved the versatility, depth, and incredible range of her work. As the runway exhibits now ceased, it was time for the judges and mentors to make their “Final Decision.”

After much deliberation, Kara Laricks was named America’s first ever fashion star! Kara was ecstatic at winning the competition, while the crowd went into a joyous frenzy. With $6 million dollars and America’s newest fashion sweetheart, the fashion skies are simply the limit for Kara now.

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